About us

The agency 
Do you exist wonderland is a content creation agency that aims at making the world a better place through creating original and inspirational travel stories. Through our diverse audience on social media, we aim to influence and inspire people to get out there and travel the world. Through our journey we aim to educate our audience about the importance of protecting earth, animals and the environment.


The co-founders
We are Farah (aka Nammar) and Shorouk, living in the heart of a crowded hot city, Cairo Egypt. Graduated with a design degree a couple of years back, we never settled for an office job. While we started our business right after we graduated, we realized after two years that what we really want to do is travel, explore the world and tell stories. Every time we travel we feel free, we feel brand new and we feel that sense of satisfaction that we never felt sitting in our studio working long hours. Our rollercoaster journey always leads back to randomness and we soon realized that it’s definitely what keeps us happy and alive. Exploring unique things in Egypt and around the world, we are keen on presenting stories that are different than what we see everyday.
Do you exist wonderland is a step in understanding one more mysterious thing about the world and along the way we create beautiful visual content that aims at showing the diversity of our world. We are two designers; photographers and filmmakers who want to bring something unique to the world, make content more interesting and inspire people to get out and travel the world.

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