The illusion of traveling

The minute we wake up, we start to build our illusions around every aspect of our daily life. Illusion is just part of how we live today and sadly it influences who we are, how we want to be perceived and what we do in life. While we travel, the exact same illusion tends to be part of our journey. Every time I travel I get too involved with every little detail that’s happening to the point where my mind is not aware that I did in fact travel. I come back feeling lost, feeling betrayed of my own mind until I stop and ask myself: Did I really travel?

It’s this damn illusion. I call it the illusion of traveling.

That freedom you feel once you step out of the airport is not the same you come back with at the end of your trip. That confusion and the surreal experience hits you once you step again into your beloved comfort zone. That messed up comfort zone. A blank mind. 

Are they memories of someone else? Did I just witness it from far away, not really living every moment? Whenever people think about taking a vacation their brains tend to automatically switch to their happier self. Our mind gets to that happy place even before our bodies do. That is exactly why people lead boring lives and not the life they wish to live. Traveling creates this immense feeling of happiness, knowing that you can live one part of the big dream almost everyone has.

“I want to travel the world”.

A statement young people give about their dreams and what they would want to do with their life. That enormous value the word “travel” alone is making to our minds is enough to let you put it in a higher sacred place, knowing that this is the long lost dream. Is it just me or does that happen to everyone? A week after I come back from any trip my mind tends to erase itself. It tricks me into thinking that I never traveled in the first place and that this was one big fun dream. I start to ask about little details to ensure that I did in fact travel, but with no success. I don’t feel it. I don’t feel like I’ve been to that country, had these great experiences, took these cool pictures and had that amount of fun. The surreal experience keeps hunting me until I give up. I forget about the experience and the only thing that I hold to, are a couple of pictures on my phone. Some facts make us wonder why we actually feel that rush of adrenaline when we are abroad and not when we experience something in our country. Is it the routine that holds us back? It’s the need.

I believe that we as human beings have this messed up feeling of needing what we can’t have. Once we got it, it’s surreal. The need and euphoria fades away after we experience it and that’s exactly what happens when we come home. Emptiness. But does that mean we travel for nothing? As cliché as it may sound, but traveling will always be a getaway to new things no one knows that they exist until you go through it yourself. Although my mind erases almost every living experience, my body feels it at the moment and that is the most important thing. And if my body didn’t feel it at all, I still have my cool pictures to remind me.

That damn illusion of traveling.

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